November Wildfire in Cumberland County

November has historically been a month to expect wildfires. Leaves have fallen, grass has died. The woods can dry out under a bright autumn sun and winds driven by fast moving high pressure systems. Sure enough this week North Mountain in Cumberland County was hit by fire.

The link is from the Carlisle Sentinel.  But the situation in Pennsylvania is still not as bad as what the south is experiencing.  Pennsylvania crews have been called and other resources from the Keystone State have been sent to aid in the fight.  The link below is from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

One hundred years ago today Pennsylvania was experiencing it’s own fire problems.

Despite the advances in technology, wildfires continued to burn into the late fall. Seventy acres had burned on Duncannon Hill in Perry County on November 18, 1916. Fires were reported in other parts of the state as well such as along the Mercersburg Pike in Fulton County, near Reading and the outskirts of Weatherly in Carbon County.