Update on the Camp Run – Rock Run – Cooks Run AMD Project

Work is progressing on the Camp Run AMD site. There is an open pit on the south east side of the site that the day I was there they were using a loader to move lime dust into the pit.  A dozer was pushing spoil to begin preparation to open the next cut. They will box cut and fill through the entire site. 

Note the black lens of material that was sitting on the pit floor.

The dozer operator told me they are encountering pods of black tipple refuse here and there. Almost like a truckload or two. He also told me he had encountered plastic pipe. He said he could seen where the grout had spread out, but it was no more than 4 o 5 feet. There was no pipe visible during my visit.

Lime dust in the cut.

The plan is to work through winter – seven days a week.  They have a grader and a rock truck sitting at the bottom of the mountain.

Underdrain in bottom of first cut. The underdrain will progress across the entire pit floor.

The bridge at Bechtol Hollow has been repaired.  If you are planning on going up that way to visit the site or hunt or whatever, be careful and watchful on Cole Run and lower Cooks Run Road.