Camp Run AMD Project Update

They are now running a couple of dozers, a 988 loader, track hoe and other earthmoving equipment. Things are progressing, but they have experienced a couple of mechanical breakdowns – typical of former Camp Run Project.

The operators told me (I did not get to see it) that when they broke into the ash injection site that the grout moved out about 5 feet from the injection pipe. That was what we planned.

If you plan on going to the site a WORD OF CAUTION!!!  Access the site via the Rock Run Road. There are two reasons for this: 1) the Cole Run Road on top is a mess, 2) Lime trucks are travelling up and down the Cole Run Road daily and you do not want to meet them going either way. Both the mud and tri-axels can be avoided by using the Rock Run Road as long as the winter remains snowless.

As I headed down the mountain last fall they had a rock truck and another loader being put together at the staging area. I suspect the rock truck may be on site – if it is not wedged between a rock and a hard place somewhere along the road. Twenty foot wide trucks and sixteen foot wide roads can make for an interesting journey.

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