A little about me.

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania, where trout fishing was rare and in a time when there were few fishing magazines, let alone fly fishing magazines. Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Sports Afield and Fur, Fish,  Game were the magazines to read. I waited each month to see what Joe Brooks, A.J. McClane, Corey Ford, and Richard Starnes had to say that would unlock the secrets to the outdoors. But first, when Field and Stream came, I would turn to the back page and read Ed Zern’s “Exit Laughing” column. That may explain a lot about my writing style. The Pennsylvania Angler was about the only fishing magazine about and Chauncey Lively’s monthly column was my fly tying manual.

I started to tie flies in 1969. It was still a closely guarded secret then. Had it not been for Chauncey Lively and a few other writers who dared to show their secrets, I might not have become a fly tyer.

How the interest in forest fires came about is explained elsewhere and will be expounded on in later accounts.

This blog and webpage is a tribute to those who taught me, my friends who accompanied me and a “pay it forward” to those who may come along.