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The Fires of Penn’s Woods

This is a presentation about the history of forest fires in Pennsylvania. In the past fierce fires raged across Pennsylvania, destroying entire towns and taking lives. Could it happen again? I talk about history and how firefighting has evolved in the Keystone State.     Fee involved

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Rivers Conservation & Fly Fishing Youth Camp

This presentation is about the award winning camp begun in the Cumberland Valley to educate the best and brightest students on the benefits of protecting our coldwater resources. The camp, begun in 1995 has been copied in 20 other states and is one of the lynchpins of Trout Unlimited’s youth education. See how you can help.

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The Letort: A Limestone Legacy

This presentation deals with some of the history of the Letort Spring Run in Cumberland County. It doesn’t deal just with the fishing and fly fishing, though those were substantial but it also deals with the history surrounding the stream. 1 Hour long with PowerPoint.



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Record Trout

Originally prepared as a paper for the Fly Fishers Club of Harrisburg luncheon in 2013, this presentation talks about record trout from around the world and Pennsylvania.   Fee involved

The Odds and Ends of Packing

If you are thinking of an extended trip where you won’t have access to all your gear, packing smart and packing only what you need can help reduce frustration and help you better experience your trip.

Food – What do you really need, menu planning

Gear – What would be nice to have and what is essential?

Clothing – Do you really need to take the white tie and tails?

Fee may be involved